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ADHD Symptoms include difficulty concentrating and at times...

ADHD Symptoms include difficulty concentrating and at times, a hyperactive impulsivity

Everyone can feel restless at certain points in their lives. However for most of us, the feeling fades and we can focus again. Some people have ongoing restlessness. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is more commonly known as ADHD. ADHD Symptoms include difficulty concentrating and at times, a hyperactive impulsivity.ADHD Symptoms

ADHD Symptoms Exposed

This mental disorder can cause people to focus and act differently than those without the disorder. It often is diagnosed in children and the symptoms can continue into adulthood in 65% of those with ADHD. Some people don’t realize that they have this disorder and assume that their lack of ability to focus is part of their personality.Some symptoms include having difficulties paying attention, focusing on one task or organizing things, difficulties sitting still, often fidgeting and feeling restless, and making careless mistakes. These symptoms are medically known as hyperactivity. Hyperactivity in children can cause them to talk excessively, fidget a lot, not be able to remain sitting in their seat when instructed, runs around in inappropriate situations, and is unable to play quietly.Another group of ADHD symptoms is known as impulsivity. This causes people to have a tough time controlling their urges, causing them to participate in risky behaviours. It can cause people to do things without thinking. In children, this can cause them to speak without thinking, have mood swings, and may be easily frustrated. These behaviours can cause children to not be liked, which can lead to a reduced self-esteem.ADHD can also cause inattention symptoms. Generally, these affect adults more, and it makes it tough for people to prioritize and plan. Inattention symptoms include poor attention to details, not appearing to listen when spoken to, cannot finish tasks or follow instructions, dislike tasks that need mental effort, loses things that are needed to finish certain tasks, are forgetful, and often easily distracted.  Children with inattention often don’t meet their full potential in school and are at risk of not doing well and getting lower grades.To be diagnosed with ADHD, the symptoms must have lasted for over six months, occurred before the age of 7, and occurs in more than one setting (example: school, home, work).ADHD symptoms are always present in children, although they may not be diagnosed until they are adults. The stress and demands of adulthood can make the symptoms more obvious. ADHD runs in families, so if you or your child may be at increased risk if a close family member has ADHD.

How to Recognize Adult ADHD Symptoms


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