Acai Berry And Weight Loss

All around the world, the volume of people who look for effective weight-loss strategies is astounding. The problem of obesity and excessive weight is becoming more and more common in developed countries, third world nations and even underdeveloped regions. This could be a clear indication that the sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and lack of nutrition information of the modern times are taking toll to make more people unhealthy.


  1. What is acai berry?
  2. The popularity of acai berry
  3. Media citations
  4. How acai berries are harvested
  5. Acai berry in the market
  6. Acai berry and weight loss
  7. Other health benefits of acai berry
  8. Buying Acai Berry products in the market
  9. Some Frequently Asked Questions about Acai Berry

In the United States alone, it is estimated that more than 34 million of the population are troubled by up to 20% excess weight. About 13 million people are conscious that they are up to 100 pounds exceeding their ideal and recommended body weight. The problem of excessive weight goes far beyond aesthetics. In general, obesity has been found to have links with health problems like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, atherosclerosis and several forms of cancers.

There are numerous weight loss strategies, techniques, supplements and medical formulations now available to help aid weight loss and implement weight control. Experts assert that weight loss initiatives usually fail because people just give up easily. The rising number of overweight people undergoing surgical procedures to shed off weight could be a simple proof to this.
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Crash diets and weight loss supplements are most popular these days because people obviously want to see and achieve weight loss results fast. Not known to such people is the fact that crash diets and immediate loss of weight could pose hazards to overall health. People should be reminded that regulated and well-planned diet, combined with regular exercise is still the best way to lose weight.

It also helps that there are many natural foods that are being discovered to help attain weight-loss targets. There is no need to be reliant on synthesized and artificially formulated supplements and medications to trim fats in the body. Going natural is the best because side effects are eliminated, other health benefits are attained and overall health safety and effectiveness is ensured.

Acai berry is one of the natural foods that are considered elite super foods because of its weight loss properties and high antioxidant levels. It is naturally oozing with essential vitamins and minerals that could effectively help shed off excessive weight, build more muscle mass and boost overall energy.

While it is true that weight loss benefits of acai berry are yet to be proven and approved by health regulators, it is a good start that the fruit helps provide good nutrition and health to the body. Eventually, it would be just easier to target and attain ideal and perfect weight.

What is acai berry?

To begin with, acai berry is a grape-sized type of berry growing naturally within Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. The fruit comes from the acai palm (scientific name: Euterpe oleracea), which has been found to also grow abundantly in swamps and floodplains in the tropical areas of Central and South America.

Acai berry is a reddish-to-purple fruit, usually about an inch long each. Botanists say the fruit is a relative of other popular dark-purple fruits like cranberry and blueberry. Acai berry could still be not as popular as other berries, but its health benefits and nutrients will never be in any way inferior.

What is acai berry

Compared to grapes, acai berry has less pulp. The fruit contains a large seed, which comprises about 80% of each fruit. The exocarp of ripe acai berry provides a deep purple appearance (an indication of its nutritional value) and its mesocarp appears thin and pulpy. Acai berry may not be as tasty and flavorful as other fruits, but its nutritive properties could never be underestimated.

Acai berry is usually harvested as food. In the Amazon region in Brazil, particularly in the traditional Caboclo areas, acai berry has always been considered an important fruit because it takes a significant component of their diet. The fruit is also economically valuable within the region. Natives in the area have been harvesting acai berry for hundreds of years.

There are many ways to consume acai berry. Of course, the fruit could be eaten directly from the tree. The natives of Brazil conduct a process to separate acai berry pulp from its seed. The procedure produces edible thick puree.

The pulp and the juice are also used in different juice blends, sodas, smoothies and several refreshing beverages. Still in Brazil, acai berry is served as gourds, as a dessert in bowl and as an ice cream flavor. Some local liquor brands also use acai berry as an enticing flavor.

The popularity of acai berry

The modern western world has learned about the wonders of acai berry only recently. But the villages and natives around the Amazon have been using acai berry as health food for hundreds of years already. Traditional healers in the area have been using acai berry for treating common diseases.

In the modern setting, it was in Rio de Janeiro, thousands of miles from the Amazon Rainforest, where acai berry first gained commercial popularity. Many Brazilians include acai berry in their breakfast meals, while most athletes in the country eat frozen acai berry pulp prior to rigorous activities.

Acai berry has been recently garnering and enjoying frenzied media attention. Many popular television shows and news networks have been producing and airing features to highlight the potential of acai berry in aiding weight loss aside from preventing many diseases. It is not surprising that acai berry products and supplements are enjoying tremendous popularity in the highly discerning global market these days.

Media citations

Perhaps, acai berry got a massive media mileage when it was mentioned in an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, which featured popular medical practitioner Dr. Oz. That significant media exposure served as a springboard that propelled acai berry to greater heights and popularity. All it took was for Dr. Oz to pronounce acai berry as a new entry to his ‘hall of fame’ list of super foods and for Oprah to wonder in amazement. Acai berry instantly turned into an overnight sensation.

Media citations acai berry

ABC News in November 2006 called acai berry a ‘miracle berry.’ A news report said the fruit could lower weight by lowering volume of bad cholesterol in the body. It said acai berry could also potentially prevent cancer, avoid fatal heart conditions and ward off onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies found that the fruit contain chemicals that boost mind performance and help delay possible occurrence of dementia.

Almost a year later, the Today Show over at NBC included acai berry in its list of Five Bizarre Foods. The special news feature said acai berry is a purple-pigmented fruit that is fully packed with weight-loss boosting essential fatty acids, protein absorbing amino acids and cancer-preventing antioxidants. The report mentioned availability of acai berry in the market in the form of health juices in gourmet stores and unsweetened pulps. Today Show also acknowledged the fruit’s potential as a nutrient source for muscle regeneration and contraction.

In February 2008, The Early Show in CBS followed suit when it identified acai berry as a potent weight loss and heart regulating food. The news feature reiterated that while regular exercise and proper weight loss diet are still effective in shedding off unnecessary excess weight, acai berry could very well help keep anyone’s weight in check. Heart health is a by-product of acai berry’s weight loss potential, but it is very much important when targeting overall sound health.
Acai berry returned to Oprah when it was mentioned in another episode, this time in Dr. Nicolas Perricone’s list of super foods. The fruit was admired for its high content of dietary fiber, phytosterols and monounsaturated fats that help burn up calories and stored fats in the body and promote overall general health.

In the printed media, acai berry also made waves. In the August 2004 issue of the American Curves Magazine, acai berry was identified as a potent natural sexual enhancer found in the wilds of the Amazon Rainforest. The report described the fruit as a powerful aphrodisiac. The Wall Street Journal and Fitness Magazine also did their share in featuring acai berry as a potential weight loss and health food of the modern times.

How acai berries are harvested

Acai palms naturally grow in the Amazon Rainforest. Acai palms are towering trees that could reach up to 25 meters, with thin trunks. The fruits grow in the leafy branches, which become fully packed with numerous small and dark purple berries twice a year at most.

To harvest acai berries, farmers need to shimmy up the tall acai palm tree and cut the branches. Because demand for the fruit is higher these days, acai berry palm trees are now massively cultivated by small village farmers around the area. After harvest, acai berries are put into baskets, then loaded to boats and transported immediately to local markets.

Acai berries must be consumed within 24 hours or its nutrients will be gone. Within the day, the fruits are processed through freeze drying and extracting to produce powders, juices, supplements and other marketable acai berry products.

Acai berry in the market

From Central and South America, the popularity of acai berry is starting to rise in many other parts of the world. If the fruit is legendary in Brazil, in the United States, it is starting to build a reputation as an important dietary component. It helps that there are many doctors, nutritionists, scientists and media practitioners who all rave about acai berry’s potential as a nutritional and health food.

Numerous nutrition experts refer to acai berry as a modern super food of the world. This is quite obvious. The little acai berry is small but is fully packed with an amazing amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The fruit is also identified as having significant nutritional value than any other fruit on the planet.

Acai berry in the market

Acai berry fruit is best eaten fresh. Unfortunately, the fruit is extremely perishable. Usually, acai berry fruit spoils just a few hours after it is picked from the acai palm tree. Surely, you are not living adjacently to the Amazon Rainforest. But there are still many ways on how you can enjoy the fruit.

A great news for acai berry fans and believers is that there are now more and more companies that develop ways and techniques to sell acai berry to the market. There are several techniques on how companies distribute and sell the wonderful fruit.

First, acai berry is sold fresh, dried or frozen at various health stores. Many Internet-based stores also specialize in selling such acai berry products to online consumers. Thus, you can eat the acai berry directly or add it as a flavoring or ingredient to your choice recipes. In general, acai berry blends well to give flavor and spirit to granola, yogurt, ice cream and smoothies. Many also love it as cereal toppings and added ingredients to cookies and muffins.

Acai berry is also sold as liquid extracts. The advantage of such extracts is that acai berry nutrients are highly concentrated. Acai berry extracts are most common and most effective for people who are living in regions where acai berries could not be grown and harvested. Concentrates do not lose the flavor and aroma, so such liquid form could still be used as recipe flavoring.

If you are after the nutritional value of acai berry, you should patronize the fruit in food supplements. Such products are usually in capsule and tablet forms. Anyone could easily include acai berry supplements as part of his daily mineral and vitamin regimen. Such products are also starting to flood the market, making them more convenient, common and of course affordable.

Patronize acai berry supplement if you are: aiming to gain more muscle, planning to lose more stored fat, experiencing digestive discomfort, lacking sexual stamina and endurance, wanting to look younger and suffering from troublesome conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Acai berry and weight loss

Although many people could already attest to the effectiveness of acai berry as a weight loss food, experts still do not absolutely pronounce the fruit as a magic key to fast and effective weight loss. However, it could boost your weight loss regimen when combined with effective exercise programs and disciplined eating habits.

It is a fact that acai berry is yet to be proven and approved as a weight loss food and supplement. However, its rich source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytosterols, and amino acids could logically help the body take better function, burn fat faster and process food consumed easier. Combined with effective diet and exercise, acai berry intake could logically and practically help you attain your target and ideal weight.

Acai berry and weight loss

It would help if you would be acquainted and knowledgeable about basic nutrients contained in acai berry and how such nutrition values could lead to weight loss. You could realize that the sum of the nutrition components could possibly outweigh the totality.

Acai berry bolsters metabolism

Acai berry is naturally rich in essential fatty acids, which are used by the body for proper health maintenance. The fruit is specifically rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are known as effective nutrients for increasing overall body metabolism. When the metabolism is faster, the body is able to burn more stored fats, leading to weight loss.

Omega 3 is particularly helping the body regulate its blood sugar level in a more effective manner. When the blood sugar level is maintained low, hunger is surely kept at bay. Studies also show that long-term inclusion of Omega 3 in diets help cut the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Omega 6 is also an essential fatty acid that is needed by the body. Like Omega 3, Omega 6 must be sourced from foods and supplements because the body is not naturally producing it. Omega 6 aids weight loss by helping further build up muscles. The fatty acid helps burn more stored fats for the building up of muscles, especially during workouts and tedious physical activities.

These nutrients make acai berry very ideal and highly recommended for people who aim to jumpstart weight loss programs. Omega 3 and Omega 6 could give the liver a kick-start to accelerate the body’s overall metabolism or fat burning.

Acai berry improves digestion

Acai berry is obviously containing ample amount of fiber, which could be effective in boosting weight loss initiatives. Fiber aids in enabling the digestive tract in moving food within the digestive system. This way, excessive food is eliminated, preventing the conversion of such food into fats, which the body tends to store.

Fiber could not be digested by the body, but it is still leads to overall health. It helps keep bowel movements regular, at the same time warding off unlikely digestive conditions. Studies have found that carcinogens found in intestines tend to bind with fiber and go out with it through stool. Thus, fiber intake is also beneficial in reducing the risk of colon cancer. Moreover, fiber also boosts transportation of cholesterol out of the body, helping block risks of heart diseases.

As a weight loss program component, fiber could be logically useful in satiating hunger. Through consumption of fiber, you could always feel full. This is because fiber normally stays in the stomach for longer duration than most other substances and food. Because the digestion rate is slowed down, you will definitely feel full longer, eliminating the need to eat more.

Diet conscious people could rave about the fact that fiber in acai berry could effectively suppress appetite. Because your stomach could feel full for a longer time, your appetite to eat could be lessened. Thus, there could be no need to satisfy your nagging cravings, midnight snacks and needless snacking.

Acai berry is rich in amino acids

One important and well-noted health benefit of acai berry is that the fruit is naturally rich in amino acids, which make up building blocks of unbreakable protein. There are many forms of necessary proteins that the body could not directly break down, absorb and use. Several amino acids work by breaking such protein and facilitating absorption and use by the body.

The muscles also need amino acids found in acai berry to function properly, regenerate from physical stress and build up resistance. Because acai berry has essential fatty acids to bolster metabolism and amino acids to build up muscles, the fruit’s nutrients logically could help the body burn fat and produce energy in a more efficient and effective manner. The result is quite obvious and logical: weight loss.

Acai berry has carnitine, phenylalanine and tryptophan, amino acids that primarily function to shed off excessive weight. Carnitine raises energy levels and physical stamina by burning more fats to lower blood sugar levels. Phenylalanine suppresses appetite through boosting production of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter for signaling hunger. On the other hand, tryptophan helps diminish the body’s desire for more carbohydrates, particularly sweets.

The fruit heightens energy and stamina

In Brazil, it has been a standard practice for soccer players, jiu-jitsu practitioners and other athletes to consume acai berry pulp prior to any competition. The reason is that aside from providing the body with essential carbohydrates for physical activities, acai berry also contain significant level of antioxidants, which drastically boost stamina and energy levels.

When the stamina and energy levels are high, it is logical that the body is ready to take more cardiovascular activity and exercise. In general, cardiovascular activities help burn more stored fats and regulate the overall weight of the body.

Acai berry has phytosterols

As mentioned, one of the key nutrients found in acai berry is phytosterol, which could be important in weight loss regimens. Phytosterols are plant sterols and plant phytochemicals that contain cholesterol-regulating properties. The nutrient could reduce by up to 15% the absorption of cholesterol within the intestines.

Phytosterols in acai berry also help lower formation of stored fats. By reducing cholesterol and fats, acai berry could help ultimately bring down the body’s overall weight. Some studies even suggest that phytosterols in acai could help prevent onset of prostate condition symptoms among men.

Natural and right ratios of weight-loss nutrients

Acai berry surely have numerous vitamins and minerals. You could be asking how such nutrients could help aid weight loss instead of further bring about weight gain. The secret to acai berry’s success is in the right and effective ratios and combinations of nutrients that could lead to weight loss.

For example, acai berry has Omega 3 and Omega 6, which should be taken by the body in specific ratios or amounts to bring about health benefits. The fruit and its extracts also boast of natural and right combination of amino acids, antioxidants and phytosterols to help the body function better, burn fat faster and process food much easier in order to alleviate and curtail further gain of weight.

Acai berry oozes with antioxidants

Studies suggest that the level of antioxidants in acai berry challenges the level of antioxidants found in blueberry. However, when other nutrients, vitamins and minerals are considered, acai berry easily grabs the grand prize. To many people, antioxidants in acai berry make the fruit more enticing. Such antioxidants could also lead to weight loss. Here’s how.

Antioxidants are potent substances that are able to protect human cells against free radicals (molecules that damage cells, lead to heart diseases, prompts cancer cell formation and pave the way for many other diseases). Free radicals are accumulated in the body when you break down food, inhale tobacco smoke and air pollution, and get exposed to radiation.

Many experts also tag antioxidants as anti-aging nutrients because the substances somehow slow down formation of wrinkles and boost the overall resistance. Studies have also found that antioxidants are comprised of other important nutrients like lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamins A C E and selenium, which when taken together could boost the immune system.

Antioxidants in acai berry remove harmful toxins in the body. In the process, the immune system performance is significantly bolstered and strengthened. When this happens, the body gets healthier and stronger so that a person could continue sticking to tedious and strict workout regimens. Thus, you will be more empowered to carry out more tasks to further lower your body weight, without feeling restless, weak and vulnerable to stress and ailments.

The antioxidant content of acai berry is also the reason why its oil is popular as an active ingredient to several beauty and cosmetic products. Acai berry oil is best as ingredients in body and facial creams, shampoos, conditioners and anti-aging skin therapies.

Other health benefits of acai berry

Acai berry is rich in numerous vitamins, minerals and nutrients that promote overall health. Aside from containing nutritional value to curtail excessive weight, acai berry is also effective in bringing about many other health benefits to the body, making it more popular to more people in all walks of life.

The antioxidant property of acai berry makes the fruit effective in fighting off free radicals that make the body vulnerable to diseases, cancer risks and speedy aging process. Intake of acai berry could help the human body overcome common health risks brought about by exposure to cigarette smoke, pesticides and all other forms of pollutants. The body is also shielded from elements that damage the DNA, cause ailments and attack human cells.

Acai berry intake helps fight heart diseases through maintaining good cholesterol. The essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and antioxidants found abundantly in acai berry helps fight off and lower bad cholesterol, maintain good cholesterol and prevent heart diseases in the long run. Essential fatty acids also improve the body’s ability to absorb and use important vitamins, including A, D, E and K.

In history, there were reports that British pilots during the height of World War II ate large volumes of bilberry jams to improve night vision. In Japan, bilberry is used to bring relief to eye strain caused by excessive exposure to computer monitors. Bilberry has been found to contain anthocyanins, which facilitate improvement in vision. Studies have also found that such anthocyanins are also found abundantly in acai berry. Because acai berry has antioxidants, the fruit is also believed to fight off eye conditions like macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Some people eat acai berry and take acai berry supplements to attain sound and restful sleep. It is a common knowledge that sleep is often hindered by stressed muscles. As mentioned, acai berry has amino acids that are proven to help relax muscles, leading to more peaceful and hassle-free sleeps. Acai berry is also found to contain the right B vitamins that effectively and appropriately regulate serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that make the brain prompt for a more effective sleep.

Aside from fiber, acai berry also contains vital nutrients and enzymes necessary for aiding the digestion process. Acai berry consumption is found to help control and prevent the occurrence of acid reflux and other unlikely digestive system conditions. To some extent, acai berry consumption also alleviates hunger and the need to unnecessarily eat more.

Acai berry is considered by experts as the ‘Amazon Rainforest Viagra.’ This could be because there have been reports when acai berry consumption significantly increased sexual drive, urge and performance. This is because the fruit is high in carbohydrates, calcium, iron and antioxidant content that altogether boost stamina, energy and endurance, including sexual response. Natives of Brazil have always been attesting the effectiveness of acai berry in improving their bedroom performance.

Regulators are also closely looking at claims that assert other health benefits brought about by acai berry. Such healthful benefits include:

  • Relief of arthritis pain
  • Treatment of skin warts
  • Reduction of seizure occurrence
  • Prevention of physical injuries and acceleration of recovery
  • Stabilization of normal levels of blood sugar
  • Potential to treat leukemia
  • Fight off general depression
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Promotion of healthy, younger-looking and more vibrant skin
  • Minimization of inflammation
  • Improved blood circulation

Buying Acai Berry products in the market

Health-conscious people all over the world are starting to get fully aware about the real health advantages of acai berry. There are numerous weight loss regimens that include acai berry in forms of diet and supplements. Analysts say acai berry is more sought after because of its weight depleting properties.
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It is not surprising that there are now numerous acai berry scams. Several unscrupulous businesses are out to fool people and earn easier money. No less than the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers against specific acai berry scams. You need to particularly be more careful in shopping for acai berry products and supplements online. Many marketers are just out to auto-bill credit cards inappropriately to earn more revenues.

How to pick and buy the best acai berry products in the market? First, go with the trusted and reliable brands. You can ask colleagues, experts and friends about certain acai berry products that have been proven effective based on their own experiences. Popular acai berry brands and products are in demand. Thus, you can observe that such items are almost always running out in the market. Some brands are premium priced, but are set to deliver its promised health effects. Cheaper and non-reputable brands are usually more dubious.

Be particularly cautious when buying acai berry products online. That is because most scams occur across the Internet. For instance, stay away from marketers who offer online free trials. Experts warn that free trial offers usually end up costing much more. The marketing strategy of such scammers is that the charging for the products will be done after a certain period of free trial unless the company is contacted for cancelation of orders. At the end of the trial period, consumers are not able to reach the company for cancelation. Thus, they are charged for a month’s supply of the acai berry products.

Product forms
The best and most nutritious form of acai berry out in the market is freeze dried acai berry powder. This is simply because through freeze drying, the natural nutrients of the fruit are preserved excellently. The process effectively captures the fruit’s nutritional potency. The powder should be sealed and refrigerated after its container is unsealed. It will lose its potency when exposed to moisture and air.

Because of the freeze dried acai berry powder easily loses its potency, supplements specifically in capsule forms are most preferred and recommended by more experts. Capsules and tablets do not lose potency despite exposure to moisture and air. Consumers will also surely love the convenience of supplements in capsule. The products could be carried anywhere, anytime. Acai berry capsules, tablets and pills are also manufactured using freeze dried acai berry powder so that all necessary nutrients are preserved.

Acai berry fruit juices and concentrates are also good, although the products are not as packed in nutrients as freeze dried and supplemental acai berry. When buying acai berry juices, be sure the manufacturer indicates that the juice is extracted from the pulp and not from the seed, which is not containing much nutrients, though the flavor is still there. As a tip, the seed (or pit in other terms) is included in product labels as endocarp.

Fresh acai berry could only be bought if you are in Brazil, particularly near the Amazon Rainforest. Locals climb up acai palm trees to pick acai berries. Exportation of fresh acai berry is not ideal because by the time it reaches its foreign destination, it could already have lost its potency and nutrients.

Beware because most of acai berry products out in the market today are highly hyped but are actually low in nutrition. Many products contain minimal amounts of acai berry nutrients. Consumer experts advise buyers to always read product labels carefully before purchasing. Particularly, consumers are warned against products that do not show ingredients in labels.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Acai Berry

Why do many experts refer to acai berry as the number one super food in the world?

Acai berry is considered a super food because of the numerous vitamins and minerals it contains. The fruit is also very rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, fibers, amino acids, iron and antioxidants, more than any other fruit could contain.

Why is it hard to find and buy acai berry at the local grocery store?

Acai berry is from acai palm, which is native to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Unfortunately, the fruit is highly perishable and is spoiling quickly, about just a few hours after it is harvested. This setback, for obvious reasons, makes shipping of the fruit to greater distances almost impossible. However, because of the persistence of many researchers, more businesses have developed technologies and techniques to process newly harvested acai berry more quickly. After processing techniques, the fruit is then shipped to the United States and to other countries, where demand exists.

Is acai berry really effective in improving sex drive?

Acai berry is not formally proven and approved as a supplement to boost sex drive and performance. However, many consumers of the fruit, its extracts and its supplements assert that acai berry consumption greatly helps improve stamina and physical energy, resulting to heightened sexual response and function. Natives in Brazil have also been using acai berry as a potent sexual enhancer. Thus, the fruit is described as the Amazon Rainforest’s natural Viagra.

Is it true that acai berry is the most abundant in antioxidants compared to all fruits?

It is true. Banana, apple and blueberry are known as the fruits richest in antioxidants, cancer and disease-fighting substances. USDA itself has measured the antioxidant content of acai berry using its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) method. It has been found that acai berry has about five times to ten times more antioxidants than blueberry, apple and banana.

Is the acai berry really effective in reducing risks of cancer?

Acai berry is rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer nutrients to kill cancer cells and at the same time prevent formation of such abnormal cells. Acai berry is not yet proven to provide curative properties against cancer but the healing power and ability of its antioxidant content could facilitate a good and encouraging anti-cancer start. Acai berry also has components rich in beta carotene and lycopene, which both help prevent formation and onset of several specific forms of cancer. Acai berry is not formally proven and approved as a supplement to boost sex drive and performance. However, many consumers of the fruit, its extracts and its supplements assert that acai berry consumption greatly helps improve stamina and physical energy, resulting to heightened sexual response and function. Natives in Brazil have also been using acai berry as a potent sexual enhancer. Thus, the fruit is described as the Amazon Rainforest’s natural Viagra.

Is acai berry really effective in improving sex drive?

Acai berry is not formally proven and approved as a supplement to boost sex drive and performance. However, many consumers of the fruit, its extracts and its supplements assert that acai berry consumption greatly helps improve stamina and physical energy, resulting to heightened sexual response and function. Natives in Brazil have also been using acai berry as a potent sexual enhancer. Thus, the fruit is described as the Amazon Rainforest’s natural Viagra.

Is it true that acai berry is the most abundant in antioxidants compared to all fruits?

It is true. Banana, apple and blueberry are known as the fruits richest in antioxidants, cancer and disease-fighting substances. USDA itself has measured the antioxidant content of acai berry using its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) method. It has been found that acai berry has about five times to ten times more antioxidants than blueberry, apple and banana.

Is the acai berry really effective in reducing risks of cancer?

Acai berry is rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer nutrients to kill cancer cells and at the same time prevent formation of such abnormal cells. Acai berry is not yet proven to provide curative properties against cancer but the healing power and ability of its antioxidant content could facilitate a good and encouraging anti-cancer start. Acai berry also has components rich in beta carotene and lycopene, which both help prevent formation and onset of several specific forms of cancer.

What are some other reported benefits of acai berry consumption?

Healthful benefits of acai berry could possibly vary from a person to another. Aside from weight loss benefits and cancer prevention, acai berry is also said to be effective in reducing pain and soreness, increasing libido, improving mental focus, boosting the body’s immunity against diseases and facilitating easier and better sleep. Acai berry also has the potential to alleviate diabetes, prevent occurrence of atherosclerosis, and regulate cholesterol levels.

Why is acai berry good for you?

If you are aiming to lose weight permanently and prevent many types of diseases, including cancer, acai berry is best for you. It protects the human cells against possible damages brought about by free radicals, unstable molecules attained from exposure to pollutants.

Do acai berry cause unlikely side effects?

Acai berry is a natural food. Hence, it does not bring about any unlikely side effect. It is wholly natural and safe, just like an apple, a banana or any other fruit. Acai berry juice, acai berry pulp and acai berry supplements are completely free of possible negative and destructive side effects. It could be taken even if you are under certain medications.

What are the common forms of acai berry available in the market?

Fresh frozen acai berry fruits are rarely available in the market. However, you can still enjoy the fruit in juices and extract-concentrates. Many consumer food products also feature acai berry flavored items like ice cream, yogurt, candies and cookies. There are also acai berry supplements in the form of capsules and tablets so you could gain the healthful benefits of the wonder fruit.
What is the connection between acai berry and guarana?
Guarana, just like acai berry, is also a natural plant found in the Amazon. It is usually used as a syrup, used often as an effective stimulant and an appetite suppressant. Several brands of acai berry juices, supplements and other consumable products contain guarana. There is nothing wrong with guarana, except that it contains high level of caffeine. Thus, guarana and acai berry products containing guarana contain many negative effects brought about by caffeine.

Why do some weight loss pills containing acai berry produce side effects?
Acai berry has become very popular, especially among people aiming to lose excessive weight. It is not surprising that many weight loss supplements and products highlight the inclusion of acai berry in ingredients. Other active ingredients and substances found in such products may prompt negative effects to the body and to the overall health. Experts advise that you prefer acai-only weight loss supplements and products. This way, you do not have to worry about many possible side effects of other ingredients and substances.

Acai berry products and supplements do not have health regulators’ approval. How could consumers be sure that such products are safe and effective?
First, acai berry is a natural food, making it completely safe and free from any possible adverse side effect. While it is true that acai berry supplements do not contain any approved therapeutic claims, there have already been numerous medical researches that back the amazing healthful claims of acai berry. For instance, the University of Florida in 2006 published findings of a study that tested acai berry’s effectiveness to fight cancer. The research proved that acai berry extract was effective in reducing cancerous cells in humans by up to 86%.

Is acai berry as a weight loss supplement approved by regulators?
Not either. However, there have already been numerous tests and experiments conducted by nutritionists that proved the weight loss benefits of acai berry weight loss supplements. Studies show that people who take acai berry weight loss supplements lose up to 15 pounds of weight compared to weight loss by placebo control groups in a month.

Could acai berry weight loss supplements cancel the need for rigorous weight loss diet and exercise regimens?
For any acai berry weight loss supplement to be effective, there is a need to maintain a proper and disciplined diet, along with a tedious physical exercise program. Otherwise, acai berry would not be effective in shedding off excessive weight.

There is a steady and constant rise in demand for acai berry. Will supplies always be ample?
Acai palm naturally grows in the tropical wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest. Demand is growing overwhelmingly, prompting a scarcity in supply. However, many farmers are proposing to mass farm and cultivate more acai palm trees. This way, the acai berry industry could maintain and keep up its growth. Researches are also ongoing to determine the possibility of cultivating acai palm outside the Amazon. Findings are results are yet to provide a promising note. For now, people should enjoy numerous acai berry products in the market.

Which manufacturer is the best producer of acai berry products?
Companies producing the products should be highly reputable. The businesses should be reliable and credible in assuring the consumers that acai berry used in their products is appropriately sourced, supplied at high concentrations and processed using techniques that minimize nutrient loss.
The most reputable acai berry producers are also those that do not forget to include list of ingredients at labels. For online shoppers, Websites of the companies and products must indicate ingredients and nutrients found in their acai berry products. Also be reminded that nutritional values vary from product to product.
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The best brands and companies are also those who are honest enough in disclosing exact amounts of acai berry in their products. As consumers, you always have the right to identify the exact ingredients contained in acai berry products. Fair price does not need to be compromised to ensure high quality and standards of acai berry products. The best acai berry products in the market are those that are fairly and reasonably priced, with unaltered nutritional value.