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My name is Tiffani D. Morris.  I am a wife, mother, owner of massnutrition.com.

What I Do

Everyone now knows DIETS DON’T WORK. I help coach, train and mentor people to Lose Weight by incorporating Diet, Exercise, Nutrition, and Stress Management with Easy to Follow steps.

Educating people about What the Fat Burning Zone is, How to get into the Fat Burning Zone, the benefits of Low GI Eating and how that affects out blood sugar levels, teaching people How to RESET their blood sugar levels in a safe and easy way, Easy to follow 12 week program for Weightloss.

Our bodies are like a computer and when you run the right program you will Lose WEIGHT, Burn FAT and have more Energy, and you can learn to keep the Weight OFF for life.

Why I Do It

I am very passionate about helping empower people to lose weight and get healthier.  I have watched so many people suffer from being overweight, they are not sure what to do to lose weight trying yo-yo diets, starving themselves and then going from one Fad diet to the next, which lead me to teacher others how to lose weight safely as I was taught by some of the world’s leading Doctors in this field.

During my journey I have seen the Amazing transformation that happens to someone as they transform their bodies and they regain their Confidence and start to believe in themselves again.  It is truely a Blessing!

Too many people are suffering from Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovacular Disease, Stokes, Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure and many more degenerative diseases that can be prevented if you lose weight and get healthier and give your body all the ingredients it needs to function at it’s optimal.

Would you like to gain more Energy and Vitality to live longer and enjoy life.

How To Connect With Me

I would absolutely Love to help you on your Weightloss journey or just your Getting Healthier Journey. You can Contact me via the Contact page or Facebook.

I sincerely hope you find the information on my site useful and I look forward to your comments and questions via our Contact page.

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