8 Food that can help you to have enough sleep


How can we sleep well for around 7 hours? American health expert said that we should go to the kitchen to enjoy one or two food of the following as they can help us to release the stress of our muscles, release our stress andmake us fell calm. This can also induce the production of thrombocytin and melatonin which can help us to sleep.


Banana can help to ensure the stable quantity of thrombocytin and melatonin. It also contain Magnesium which can help with muscle relaxation.

Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea has the uses of making us calm. For the nerves and bodies which cannot be easily relaxed, it is perfect natural solution.


Warm milk contains Tryptophon (which is a type of amino acid that can calm us) and calcium. Calcium can help our brain to make good use of Typtophon.


If you add a little honey into warm milk or Herb Tea, the glucose produced can help your brain stop producing orexin. It is recently discovered that it is a type of Neurotransmitter that is related to keep us awake.


Potato can clean the acid that can induce tryptophon which can induce sleeping. In order to have such effect, you need to smash the baked potato and mix it with warm milk and eat it.


Oatmeal can help to produce melatonin. A small bowl of oatmeal can help us to get into sleep. If we take a large quantity of it, the effect can be better.


Almond has both Tryptophon and suitable quantity of Magnesium. Magnesium can act as muscle relaxant.


Before you sleep , you can added two soup spoons of Linseed into oatmeal, it can achieve your predicted goal. And they have a large quantity of Omega-3 and fatty acid.

Graham bread

If we eat graham bread with drinking tea or honey, it can help the of secretion of insulin ,which can be converted into Serotonin in our brain. And this can help us to sleep by affecting our brain.


At Thanksgiving day, people can easily get into a nice sleep, that’s because of turkey. It is known as the best source of tryptophan, but that is not the truth. When your stomach is empty but not full, a suitable quantity of carbohydrates but not lots of proteins can activate the work of tryptophan. If you add some turkey slides into graham bread, you may have a nice sleep at your kitchen! (But you cannot always eat turkey all the time!)

If the above food cannot help you to get into sleep effectively, you should check your habit of sleeping and try to find out what keep you always active at midnight.

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