10 Taboos of Eating That Must Be Done To Prevent having Cancer

Unhealthy eating style is one of the causes of cancers. According to the experts, there are many factors of causing cancers. And 80% cases of cancers are all caused by unhealthy lifestyle. In those 80%, dietary factors take about 35%, smoking takes about 30%. The effectiveness of these two factors is far greater than the other factors such as environmental pollutions and virus infection. We have conclude 10 main points that have to be followed to have us to prevent having cancers from only daily diet. 1.We must not eat any moldy food and its product and try to avoid eating pickled food. This type of food has the largest quantity of carcinogenic substances and it mainly cause damages to our liver and we may suffer from cancer because of it. It is also a type of teratogen which may cause unpredictable changes of our genes. These all factors may lead to Stomach cancer, liver cancer and esophageal cancer.2.Avoid eating smoked food, roasted food, burned food and fried food. We must not eat the expired food and the food that may be infected by mycotoxins. If you eat this type of food in long term, it can lead you to suffer from Stomach cancer, leukemia, cancer of glands. Carcinogenic may also produced if the food is stored for a long time.3.Avoid eating meat, beef, Sheep and all kinds of red meats so as to prevent obesity. Always eating red meat may increase our chances to suffer from colon cancer and rectal cancer. Endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer can be also stimulates to appear.4.Control the absorption of salts and condiment and also eat less processed food. As absorbing a unreasonably high salt-contained diet can increase the chance of getting stomach cancer. If we take the high-salt-contained diet in long term, it can be chronic poisoning so as to shorten our live and get old earlier. It can even lead to the mutations in human organs, deformity, so that there is the risk of having cancers.5.Not eating over hard and over hot food. Eat over rough and over hot food may cause damages of Esophageal mucosa so that there will be the problem of bleeding, damages, and ulceration. In long term, it cans higher the chance of having esophageal cancer.6.Avoid eating too much and too fast. We should have meals on time and have only a suitable quantity of food. We should try to stay happy and being calm, or else it may higher than chance of having stomach cancer. The TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicines) theory states that the depressed mood can  lead to the stagnation of qi and blood stasis and agglomeration. And that can be the cause of the formation of cancer.7.Avoid using toxic plastic containers to contain foods. In the market, the plastic food containers are mostly made of polyethylene, which is non-toxic. But than the plastic bags are usually made of PVC which is toxic so we just cannot use this type of bags to contain foods as it can harm our health. The main toxic substance contained in the plastic bags is Vinyl chloride, which can cause liver hemangioma and respiratory tract tumors.8.Stay away from smoking. The smoke produced by smoking contains over 40 carcinogenic substances. Nearly one third of all cancer cases have relationship with smoking such as lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. Smokers and second-hand smokers have a higher chance of suffering from lung cancer by 10 times and 5 times respectively compare with non-smokers. The chances of suffering from cancer and the total time of smoking is positively related. So non-smoking activities have to be promoted actively.9.Avoid excessive drinking as that higher the chance of suffering from liver cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, laryngeal cancer, and esophageal cancer. As alcohol can hinder the normal functioning of the immune system so as to lower the ability of the liver so the carcinogenic substances that absorbed by stomach are increased. If we have drunk more than 200ml of alcohol, the chances of having cancers will be greatly increased. If we smoke together with drinking, the chance of having cancers will be greatly increased.10.Avoid eating carcinogenic food such as steroids and the food that contains lots of Vitamin E. As they can increase the chance of suffering from breast Cancer. The long-term use of anti-inflammatory drug can higher the chance of getting renal pelvis cancer and bladder cancerincidence by 9.5%. The long-term of Chloramphenicol can cause neutropenia. And there will be andaplastic anemia which is caused by the acute leukemia. The long-tern use of Reserpine will increase the risk of breast cancer, especially fpr the postmenopausal women, the incidence rate can be three times higher than others.Doctors advise: Pay attention to adjust the diet to maintain a good diversity of food,and eat more high-quality protein, fresh and pollution-free fruits, vegetables and high fiber-contained foods and drinks, change the bad habits, and maintain a healthy lifestyle is the most economical, most effective cancer prevention initiatives, which can reduce the probability of cancer.

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